The Acrimony of The Bern…

I NEVER write about politics even though it consumes me but this time it’s write about it or explode.

I was thinking of the millions of dollars Bernie has raised for his shot at the White House so he can HELP all of the disaffected in this country. Now that he has no hope, he has the opportunity to effect Hillary’s platform so there will be unity and what he will get? Something for his loyal supporters? No, what he wants is personal acrimony in the form of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on a platter because he lays his defeat at her feet. Thereby demonstrating and reinforcing what we all know and hate about politicians. Regardless of what they say it is NEVER about anything except themselves. From election to election there is only one driving motivation which is to further their power and they will do and say anything toward that end. Supporters be Berned!

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